The Reason Why Older Women Derailed in Marriage

Many people think that men's sexual desire is stronger than women. In fact, human sexuality is staged. Different people have different sexual desires at different ages. Cougars is at the peak of sexual desire. So a woman around 40 years old has a stronger sexual desire than a man. The men who are around 40 years old are at the peak of their careers. They have no more energy to take care of their sex life in order to fight for their careers. What's more, their physical fitness is not as good as before, many people cannot meet the needs of their wives. This is one of the important reasons why many older women in marriage come to the cougar hook up dating app to look for a sexual partner.

Another reason is that sugar momma know that they are in the final stage of their sex life. They don't want to lose the golden age of experiencing sex life. Therefore, most of the older women in this period will use the cougar hook up dating app to find suitable sexual partners.

For older women, they are very attractive in the eyes of young men. Young men like confident, independent and mature older women. Most young people like to be managed by such an older woman like a queen. Older women also like this kind of young man, such a young man is relatively simple, and listen to their words like a deer. This kind of young men know how to respect them.

In addition to taking care of the family, the older woman has to pay attention to her work. They hope that someone can understand them. Younger men are more understanding, They always prepare fragrant meals for the older women and put warm bath water for them, which will make them feel the care of men after busy work. Older women are also very eager to get the care of men. Sugar momma like to be paid attention to by others.Young men are not as busy as older men, they have plenty of leisure time, so they can match the older woman's sex time.

The last point is that older women are also eager for romance. From young men, they can not only feel the vitality, but also experience the romantic atmosphere. This is something they can't understand when dating an older man. The imagination of young men is always very rich, and they often prepare unexpected surprises for them. They enjoy the feeling of being with young men. Romantic men know how to make sugar momma happy.

The above reasons are the reasons why the sugar momma in marriage will derail in their marriage. When there is a rift between the older woman and her husband or when the sexual life between them is not harmonious, it is a sign that most older women are derailed.